About Us
About us

Company Profile

Naina Semiconductor Limited was incorporated in the year 1988 in the state of Uttar Pradesh in India. Starting with plastic devices such as standard recovery & fast recovery diodes in packages of DO-41, DO-27 & R-6 for various applications, the company has grown to new heights. Over the past 24 years, the company has expanded rapidly in the field of power semiconductors and is now the major supplier of these components in India.

The business area is not limited to just domestic, as the company also caters to export demand to regions such as USA, UK, Middle-East, Europe and South-East Asia. During these years, the staff at the company has accumulated a wealth of experience in this field and are constantly striving towards improving and improvising.

Certifications & Standards

  • The company has earned the ISO 9001:2015 Certification, which is the standard of quality management system. With this, we have been able to keep up and maintain a strict control on the quality system for all our products. It helps us to provide the customer what they need and guaranteeing the best quality which exceeds their expectations. Every step in the production process is thoroughly checked and tested to ensure only the best and stable quality products are produced.
  • We also comply with the RoHS and Lead-Free International standards, and guarantee the environmental safety of our components.
  • All of our devices follow the international JEDEC package standards as well as the military grade standards, MIL-STDs.

Applications & Technology

  • The products that come out of the company are of the highest standards with high demands in the field of industrial electronics. Welding machines, Battery Chargers, UPS, Power Supplies, Motor Controls, Transportation Applications, Induction heating, Plasma Equipment etc. are just some of the applications of this product line.
  • The continuous improvement in the technology enables the company to bring forth more advanced and competitive products with the customers demand being the key goal.

Company Goal

Our mission is to provide customers with world-class products, through constant innovation, design, development and production, while maintaining strict quality control. We are always striving towards excellence and we regard ourselves as one of the leaders of power semiconductors in India.