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Press Fit Isolated Stud

Press fit isolated stud SCR’s are constructed with glass passivated chips and are assembled in high reliable, robust hermetic sealed housing structures. They are mechanically strong and are stable under negative environmental conditions. An isolation layer of BeO exists in between the cap and the base.

These devices have high reliability and exceptional stability at high temperatures.They have superior surge capabilities and feature low thermal resistance.

The Press fit isolated stud SCR’s are used in applications where high currents and voltages are involved. AC switches, bridge rectifier converters, DC motor controls, welding, AC motor drives, soft starters, etc.

  • The current range starts from 20A rms upto 40A rms, with voltages upto 800V.
  • Devices are available in Isolated Stud Base package with UNF Threads.

Part No. VRRM
NPIS20 50-600 20 1.9 200 2.0 25 200 2.0 SC-66
NPIS25 50-600 25 1.5 250 2.0 25 200 2.0 SC-66
NPIS35 50-600 35 1.6 350 2.0 25 200 1.6 SC-66
NPIS40 50-600 40 1.6 400 2.0 25 200 1.6 SC-66